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Superfighters Deluxe pre-alpha now available

2012-06-13 04:24:36 by JohanHjarpe

Superfighters Deluxe pre-alpha is now available for download at! <-- Go go go!


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2012-06-13 11:16:12

The game doesn't work for me


2012-06-14 11:01:04

Same here.It says "Downloading file list", but nothing is actually downloading.


2012-06-16 12:01:52

whenever I play the game freezes and say failure this game stinks


2012-06-16 13:05:48

wouldn't it be better if i could just play it from your website.


2012-06-16 22:49:11

Ok, i usually tend to comment deply and overthinking everything i write. But OMGOJAIOSDJIOJSUPERFIGHERSDELUXEAHASDASDASD.
Thank you very much.

Thank you. :)


2012-06-16 23:01:24

'k, doesn't work, i would apreciate enourmously if you answered me what's wrong.
I downloaded the game, and all, launched it from the downloader. Then, a little window opened with "SUperfighters Deluxe" and loaded something, then another window that loaded something again.
After that, a big black window opened in the middle of the screen. Some words in white appeared and the "Failure", in red.

With this, also appeared another window more with an red cross that said on the top "Superfighters Deluxe - Unhandled Error", and bit more below
"Error: Loading could not finish
Error:SFDXReader.ReadDataFromSFXDFile parsing file 'Content\data\materials\materials.sfdx' failed
System.Exception: Error SFDXReader.ProcessSFDXData failed
System.Exception: Error MaterialDatabase.Construct Material failed for property 'density' with value '1.0'"

And a bunch of other codelines. Any ideas what did i did wrong?

Thank you, in advance.


2012-06-17 18:31:27

D'aww, no local multiplayer (yet?). Be good to have simply for testing reasons.
Looking absolutely fantastic so far. Was a bit skeptical at first with how the characters looked but it's just great when they're in action. Same ol' fantastic gameplay too. Waiting, waiting, waiting... :)


2012-06-18 14:15:19

Dude you should make single player or add bots to the game and maybe 2 maps


2012-06-22 16:36:43

anyone gonna host a game because i don want the game to just sit there on my screen it's a waste of time or just write down an IP address cause its really agonizing


2012-07-04 03:47:07

Just wondering will there ever be a Mac port?


2016-07-02 05:21:27

Seriously been hyping for this game for 3 years lol