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Superfighters Deluxe pre-alpha now available

2012-06-13 04:24:36 by JohanHjarpe

Superfighters Deluxe pre-alpha is now available for download at! <-- Go go go!

What's next?

2011-08-15 18:43:28 by JohanHjarpe

We've announced a couple of new games. Read the full post here!

Edit: our website is currently under construction so the link doesn't work. Be back soon.

Superfighters is complete! :O

2011-07-21 06:57:01 by JohanHjarpe

Play it now!

Also check out our freshly launched website,! There we'll try to keep our fans updated on our future projects. :)

Superfighters update

2011-07-01 15:58:13 by JohanHjarpe

Muchly progress has been made, and we'll soon be ready to bring you our new game, Superfighters.

And there's more good news: We've enlisted a certain composer with whom we've had the pleasure of working before to make the title music for our game. Thanks again lancer, you're the best :)

Superfighters update

Superfighters video is up!

2011-05-30 12:16:53 by JohanHjarpe

Check it out:

Vimeo link

So... Superfighters. It's basically a 2D arena shooter with way-over-the-top Hollywood action and a semi-retro artstyle, if that makes any sense. The idea is to have short, intense battles where you can either play solo against bots or with a friend on the same computer. There will also be some sort of campaign mode (solo and co-op).

And let me tell ya, we freaking love playing this game. It's extremely dynamic - with all the explosive barrels lying around, a stray bullet can cause a chain reaction that blows up everything on the map in a matter of seconds. The dynamic camera is very smooth, the bots are clever and hard as fuck, and I don't think I've seen Box2D physics integrated into a platformer quite like this before.

The shooting is pretty unique too (I think). You hold down a button to draw your weapon, adjust your aim with the up/down keys, and release to fire. This gives you full 360 degrees aim without mouse input, but forces you to stand still while gunning. I'm sure this system will bother some people, but it works surprisingly well. Hitting something takes *skill*, and there's a satisfying "click - pause - BOOM" thing going on. There are also grenades and melee weapons.

We hope to get this thing up on NG soon, but can't give you a release date just yet. Enjoy the video for now, and feel free to ask questions. :)

New game, video coming soon

2011-05-24 15:28:51 by JohanHjarpe

In a few days, we'll try to upload some gameplay footage from our latest project. It's titled SUPERFIGHTERS, a crazy action platformer that you can play solo or with a buddy. It's pretty hard to describe, so I'll just let the footage speak for itself. For now, let's just say it involves guns, fighting and explosions in real- and bullet-time, and that Box2D physics play a big role.

This thing has been moving along at a glacial pace ever since we finished Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel, and it's had very little outside feedback. Nonetheless, we're excited as hell about how it's shaping up and can't wait to share it with you.